About Us

Company Profile

Legado Engineering is the leading name in designing, building, and developing the high-rise construction industry in Pakistan. From planning, designing, and managing the Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of commercial and residential buildings, Legado has maintained an industry reputation in offering interior designing and structural Drawings.

Technical Expertise Included: Cost Estimation, Rate Analysis, BOQs, Time & Work Scheduling, Bar Bending Schedule, Pre Construction Solutions, Landscaping Solutions & Interior Design Solutions.

At the moment, we’re serving the following hardcore services, that stand unmatched in the industry.


Meet Our CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Legado Engineering, Mr. Awais Yousuf has had his fair share of expertise in the construction industry.

Awais Yousuf joined the Al-Aziz Cold Storage Company in 1995, and learned the fundamentals of running a successful business firm. He decided to upskill his knowledge in the prescribed field of study and flew to Australia to attain his Higher studies. 

After four years of rigorous hard work and dedication, Mr. Awais returned to Pakistan with his Bachelor’s degree and initiated an export business under the banner of Cotlink Industries. The company was founded by a business collaboration of Mr. Awais Yousuf and Mr. Shoaib Yousuf in 2002 and stands as an unparalleled name among Textile manufacturers in Pakistan. 

Mr. Awais Yousuf and Mr. Shoaib Yousuf also partnered in an AOP company named Al-Aziz Construction, which today is serving nationwide.

Mr. Awais is the sole proprietor of Legado Engineering, founded in 2002. Since then, Legado has dominated the construction market in nearly all major cities of Pakistan, including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Multan.

Legado Engineering has worked on 8 prominent projects in its 10-year journey of providing value to its customers. A notable operation we’re currently working on is the ‘Residency One‘ property development project.


Predecessor Companies

The existence of Legado Engineering is highly attributed to its predecessor companies. They include:

1995 - Al-Aziz Cold Storage

Founded in 1995, Al-Aziz Cold Storage is the company where our CEO Mr. Awais received his first hands-on experience. The company welcomed Mr. Awais as a partner in 1995 and benefitted from his esteemed services for 3 years before he went to Australia for higher studies.

2002 - Cotlink Industries

One of the most prominent exporters of textile products in Pakistan, Cotlink Industries is a proud forefather of Legado Engineering. The company has been a major success, dealing with huge exports of textile products, and has successfully landed clients from the United States of America and Europe. An outstanding partnership between Mr. Awais Yousuf and Mr. Shoaib Yousuf, Cotlink Industries is a leading name in the textile export industry and boasts a significant contribution to the formation of Legado Engineering.

2016 - Al-Aziz Construction

Yet another success story of Mr. Awais Yousuf, Al-Aziz construction came into being in 2016 and currently provides engineering and construction solutions to multiple projects in Pakistan.