I Can’t Determine If She Wants Me. Any Hints on which She Feels?

Reader Question:

I went out about first go out and circumstances felt good. There was clearly flirty eye contact plus some kissing. But i can not determine if she really wants myself or if it’s just strictly lust amongst the a couple of united states. Because this lady is very timid and tends to control the woman seeking couple thoughts, I have problems checking out the girl.

Any suggestions on what she truly feels?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Daniel: here is the wonderful thing about courtship. Any time you hang in there for enough time, you’re able to find out how almost everything ends up.

Discover, naturally, strategies to smooth forward this love that will very nearly assure a tragic ending.

For instance, if your figures have sex before they’ve got dedication, you are likely to see a world full of regrets and apologies. Assuming your male head pushes for extreme emotional communication too early, you’ll see a scene in which she actually is working away down a rainy road at breakneck speed.

Merely hold off. The scenes will play in restaurants, movie theaters, yourself cooking with each other or performing shared tasks. Eventually you will be aware.

Of course the film drags on too-long therefore however do not know……well, then you’ve got a box company bomb.

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